This intimate civil wedding of Kevin and Kris is a breath of fresh air from the usual wedding standards. We were not in a hurry trying to fit a certain shot list into the timeline and we were more focused on capturing those special moments and the beauty of the in-betweens.

As usual the dress-up is always a busy time but everyone in the room were just chill and enjoying the day as it goes. A wedding should be a joyous affair but sometimes in ones quest for perfection this tends to be overlooked by some and they forget to breathe, be present and just enjoy the day as it unfolds.

This is what we love about this wedding. It is unassuming and real and it stayed true to its intention of an intimate and joyful gathering of families and friends celebrating 14 years of an amazing love story.

Congratulations Kevin and Kris for such a beautiful wedding!

Photo & Video// Helium Hearts

HMU// Danilo Pepito Jr.