We love  how Nick and Sara's carefree personalities reflected the intimate and relaxed vibe of their wedding; no grand productions, no on the dot program, Theirs was a no fuss celebration with their closest families and friends who travelled all the way from the US and Europe to celebrate their union and share their love for adventure.

As much as we love shooting Filipino celebrations, this wedding is a breath of fresh air. To our delight, Sara loves less of the posed portraits and more of the spontaneous moments, no SDEs, less of the usual reception program but more conversations and engagements with their favorite people.

Scroll through these photos to feel the love and warmth of Nick and Sara's

wonderful day.

Les Maisons d’itac

BBF Events PH

Mathilde Cornet Sur Mesure

Helium Hearts Studios

Stroke of Art

Cherished picnics


The Alchemy Mobile Bar

T&C Rental